Tamia Y. Powell
Worthy Matron

Konata M. George
Worthy Patron

Audrey Robinson-Underwood Military Chapter No. 15


Meeting: 4th Wednesday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron Aletrice E. Scott, PM

Conductress Michelle P. Coates, PM

Associate Patron Mitch D. Hart, PP

Associate Conductress Kesha Y. Frisby

Audrey Robinson-Underwood Military Chapter No. 15
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

 In November of 1994 the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge under the leadership of Most Worshipful Grand Master Nathaniel M. Adams issued a Dispensation to form a new Military Lodge at Bolling Air Force Base. In the early part of 1995 a number of wives and other Eastern Stars approached then Most Worshipful Grand Master Emory M. Levant regarding the possible formation of an Eastern Star Military Chapter at Bolling AFB as well.

MWGM Levant contacted Grand Worthy Matron Audrey Robinson-Underwood and Grand Worthy Patron Walter English Jr. of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter regarding the issue, and a meeting was set. The meeting was held on Tuesday, January 17, 1995 at the Masonic Temple and was attended by the Worshipful Master of the UD Military Lodge, Alfred Speaks (also Past Grand Associate Patron of Alaska) along with Sis. Janet Taylor Robinson and Deloris Brown. A Study club was formed. The officers were Sis. Janet Taylor Robinson and Bro. Adrian Gomes. GWM Audrey Robinson-Underwood and GWP Walter English, Jr. were regular attendees at study club meetings and offered considerable assistance to the group.

PGWP William T. Robertson was appointed to oversee the formation and operation of the group. After completing all of the proper processes and procedures a Dispensation was issued in April 1995 to form the “U.D. Military Chapter of Bolling A.F.B.”.

The first meeting was held on April 28, 1995. There to assist and support were the MWGM Emory M. Levant, GWM Audrey Robinson-Underwood, GWP Walter English, Jr., and PGWP William T. Robertson along with a portion of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter and other well wishers.

The following Officers were appointed by Grand Worthy Patron Walter English, Jr., to preside over the U.D. Chapter:

Sis. Janet Robinson, Worthy Matron

Bro. Adrian Gomes, Worthy Patron

Sis. Deloris Brown, Associate Matron

Bro. Richard Liffridge, Associate Patron

The Chapter was issued a Charter on December 15, 1995. Since 1995, it has been the custom of the chapter to celebrate its birthday in April of each year.

Chartered Members are listed:

Janet B. Taylor, Adrian Gomes, Jennifer Gomes, Rena Speaks, Alfred Speaks, Tempie Bellamy-Liffridge, Richard Liffridge, Gladys Peters, Tracy Bagley, Stacie Brown, Robin L. Wright, Cheryl J. James, Mildred A. Long, Linda Conrad, Charles D. Robinson, Gloria Osborne, Letitia M. West, Celestine Vaughan, Dorthelia Holloway, Sandra Butler, Beverly Anderson, Barbara Wells, Donna Britt and Constance Holmes.

Each year the presiding officers have graciously upheld the banner of dignity and the standard of the Order of the Easter Star with the determination to guard its honor and to intensify its fraternity. We are grateful to those who have paved the way with loyal and valuable service.

1995 WM Janet T. Robinson

WP Adrian Gomes

1996 WM Janet Taylor

WP Adrian Gomes

1997 WM Rena Speaks

WP Alfred Speaks

1998 WM Barbara A. Wells

WP Robert King (9)

1999 WM Celestine Thompson

WP Darrin C. Butler

2000 WM Tracy L. Bagley

WP Darrin C. Butler

2001 WM Jennifer Gomes

WP Alfred Speaks

2002 WM Vanessa Bailey-Felix

WP Alfred Speaks

2003 WM Felishia Y. Berry

WP Darrin C. Butler

2004 WM Marilyn E. Bridgette

WP Bennie Brown, Jr. (7)

2005 WM Alissa Johnson

WP James J. Berry, II

2006 WM Ardine Marie

WP Alfred Speaks

2007 WM Wanda Y. Alston

WP John Hayslett, III

2008 WM Christie Lipford

WP Thomas Brooks, PGWP (16)

2009 WM Kwoncene Blackwell Watson

WP Thomas Brooks, PGWP (16)

2010 WM Wendie Wyatt-Powell

WP James J. Berry, II

2011 WM Felicia Alexander

WP J. Dominique Joseph

2012 WM Cecily A. Austin

WP J. Dominique Joseph

2013 WM Lisa Marie Adams

WP Mitchel T. Hart

2014 WM Zina Crocker

WP Mitchel T. Hart

2015 WM Dawn Wooten

WP Broderick Wooten

2016 WM Michelle Coates

WP Patrick Coates