Ramona M. Edelin
Worthy Matron

Joseph N. Yearwood, III, PAP
Worthy Patron

Datcher Chapter No. 7


Meeting: 2nd Tuesday

Main Activity: 2018 African American Business Leadership Gala
Date: April 28, 2018
Time: 5 pm to 9 pm
Location: Trinity Washington University, O’Connor Hall, 125 Michigan Ave., NE, Washington, D.C. 20017

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron Kathy Jackson

Conductress Erica Cureton

Associate Patron Kyle Dunning

Associate Conductress Asya Heatley, PM

Datcher Chapter No. 7
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

Beginning a new century, there is an old adage: “Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow”. Thus, Datcher with 30 women has grown like a Mighty Oak to be a strong and viable organization in the fraternal circles.

On June 13, 1903, Brother John D. Howard, Master of Charles Datcher Lodge No. 15, formed a club of 30 women at 108 Canal Street in Southwest Washington. The club was known as THE WILLING WORKERS, female relatives of Datcher Lodge members. The procedure to finalize the group to be Eastern Stars was granted by the Grand Chapter.

In 1911 – Worthy Matron Jessie Turner Yates started the bank account with $60.00. (All over $15.00 would be deposited each month) She lived to reach the age of 109, and was eulogized in 1996. PM Yates was the Chair of the Investigating Committee for 38 years.

In 1923 – Worthy Matron Elizabeth Ross was presented with the GOLD JEWEL AWARD (Queen of the South Contest) for the Best Ritualistic work of any Chapter. Datcher held this honor for over 10 years.

The 1940’s – Past Matrons and Past Patrons Council was started to restore the Chapter’s Treasury. NEW MEMBERS: The Jr. Matron was to instruct them for one year only about the By-laws, correct attire, the pass, etc.

1942 – Past Matron Susie Wallace (1931) was elected Grand Worthy Matron for the 50th Year of the Grand Chapter.

1960’s – Our first Queen Esther was crowned. Sis. Mary Shorter in 1965; Viola White in 1967; Matherine Cain in 1986; Gwendolyn Mebane in 1995 (She was Esther in Datcher and Esther in the Grand Chapter in 1995) the last Queen crowned for Datcher was Cynthia Taylor in 2002.

1967 – Past Matron Martha P. Ross was elected Grand Worthy Matron of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter for its 75th Diamond Jubilee Year. Atty. Dovey J. Roundtree, M.C. for the Anniversary Banquet. Sis. Roundtree, a member of Datcher for 25 years in 1967.

In the 70’s WM Isabelle Harris named the Choral Ensemble after the oldest living Past Matron who served as WM in 1911 the Jessie Turner Yates Choral Ensemble. Grand Publicist for 15 years, Past Matron Louise Lewis-Hopkins (WM 1963) received the first award for Journalism (Edna F. Browne Award for Journalism) in 1979.

A first, 1978 – Top Presiding officers of other groups in this Jurisdiction from the same Chapter: Grand Worthy Matron Cleopatra S. McCann, Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter; Most Ancient Grand Matron Dorothy V. Medley, Julia A. Jackson Grand Court, Heroines of Jericho; and Illustrious Commandress Melineaze E. Thompson, Mecca Court No. 2, Daughters of Isis. (WM McCann – 1964, WM Medley – 1967, WM Thompson – 1958)


1980’s – MWPGM Joseph N. Yearwood and PGWM Verl M. Yearwood. Also PGWP James E. Ross and PGWM Martha P. Ross.

1990’s – PM Ida M. Wright (WM 1986) who has been the Chapter’s travel consultant was honored in the Temple ballroom. She is also the Grand Secretary for the Grand Chapter.

First daughter and father in the East: Evelyn R. Kenerson and Myron Ross, 1961. First wife and husband: Brenda A. Howard and Clinton A. Howard, 1996.

Year 2000 – Grand Worthy Matron Rochelle V. Gipson. Before year 2000, she chaired the Inaugural Ball. She was WM in 1987, Grand Lecturer in 1993, GWM in 2000 and WM in 2005.

Year 2003 – WM Paulette Allen had on the record – donations to Barney Neighborhood – American Diabetic Association – Clothing drive to Haiti and Shaw Community Youth Program.

Late September 2003 permission was given to AM Glaceria Brown Mason to start planning for the 100th year of Datcher in 2004.

100th Year – WM Glaceria Brown Mason, 2004: Main Activity, Debutante Scholarship Cotillion (scholarship named after PGL Adina B. Carter) Celebration Banquet at Andrews Air Force Base. Donations for the year – DC Homeless Women’s Shelter.

Trophies received – Minnie L. Banks (highest money reported for Grand Chapter Activity); Taylor Brooks (highest attendance, School of Instructions); E. F. Browne Award for Journalism; Lamp of Learning (Scholarship) and Mason-Tolbert (Queen of the South Tribute).

We pay homage to the following individuals that have served in the Grand Chapter as GWM’s, GWP’s GL’s and AGL’s. Grand Worthy Matrons: Florence Marshall (1915), Ella V. Campbell (1922), Elizabeth Ross (1931), Susie Wallace (1942), Alice B. Stamps (1948) (1967 Stamps served as International Grand Associate Conductress, International Conference of Grand Chapters, PHA), Pearl G. Lindsay (1958), Martha P. Ross (1967), Verl M. Yearwood (1974), Cleopatra S. McCann (1978), Isabelle Harris (1993), and Rochelle V. Gibson (2002); Grand Worthy Patrons: Charles Young (1912), William H. Anderson (1918), Arthur Brown (1931), Raymond J. Colbert (1939), Walter J. Brooker (1944) , James E. Ross (1949), Joseph N. Yearwood (1959), David W. Cross (1973) and Robert B. Gross (1986); Grand Lecturers: Madeline Brown (1931), Alice Stamps Jackson (1942), Pearl G. Lindsay (1948), Carrie R. Gant (1958), Verl M. Yearwood (1967), Ruth T. Holly (1974), Adina B. Carter (1978), Rochelle V. Gipson (1993), and Margie R. Fowler (2000); Assistant Grand Lecturers: Viola F. Lucy (1939), M. Elizabeth C. Lyle (1944), Dorothy M. Brooks (1959), Cleopatra S. McCann (1973) and Brenda A. Darby (1986).

The members express their love and continue to support activities to build this Chapter in the Prince Hall family as a shining light. Words are inadequate to truly describe those stalwart men and women who laid the foundation on which those who follow can continue to build for posterity. MANY HAVE GIVEN GEMS OF SERVICE TO BUILD THIS CHAPTER AND TO SPREAD TRUTH, WISDOM, LOVE AND CHARITY AMONG ITS MEMBERS.