LaTanya A. Cherry
Worthy Matron

Ashaa R. Cherry, Sr.
Worthy Patron

Electa Chapter No. 6


Meeting: 2nd Thursday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron Tracie B. Quander

Conductress Susan M. Travers

Associate Patron Roy H. Johnson, Jr.

Associate Conductress Lauren M. Lambert

Electa Chapter No. 6
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

In 1900, a group of Master Masons and their female relatives, led by Brother William Warfield and Sister Emily Monroe, organized an Eastern Star group. On June 11, 1901, this group was recognized as an Eastern Star Chapter working under dispensation and given the name Electa Chapter #14. On April 4, 1902, a charter was granted to this chapter. The presiding officers were Sister Louisa Henderson and Brother Joseph Minor.

Since the inception of the Order of the Eastern Star in 1892, the power of authority had been vested in the male. On October 6, 1906, a law was passed giving the power of authority to the female. Grand Royal Matron Louisa Henderson of Electa Chapter was the first to sound the gavel in the Grand East of this jurisdiction after 14 years of male rule.

Brother Joseph Minor, one of the pioneers of Electa, was elected Grand Royal Patron in 1916, five years after his wife, Sister Florida Minor had served in the Grand East in 1911. In 1922, Electa was renumbered from 2 to 6.

The catalyst that was to further bind Electa to the Masonic craft was the adoption as a “Sister Chapter” by Victory Lodge No. 23 in 1959 – WM Willie Mae Thornton and WP William D. Parker; by James H. Hill Lodge No. 16 in 1968 – WM Blondell Hagood and WP Prentice Little; by Fellowship Lodge No. 26 in 1983 – WM Carolyn D. Joyner and WP Jesse Stewart, Jr.; and by Meridian Lodge No. 6 1989 – WM L. Ernelle Ross and WP Bobby R. Harris.

In 1973, Electa Chapter No. 6 and Electa Chapter No. 1 of Baltimore, Maryland, aligned themselves in bonds of friendship and hospitality under the leadership of WM Katherine Anderson and WP Albert Brown, Electa Chapter No. 6, and WM Betty Zellner and WP Kenneth Fauntleroy, Electa Chapter No. 1.

We are proud to have presented to this jurisdiction one Grand Master – MWPGM Matthew Ellis, Jr. (1983-1984); seven (7) Grand Worthy Matrons – Sister Louisa Henderson, Sister Florida B. minor, Sister Pearl C. Getts, Sister Pearl R. Lewis, Sister Tracie J. Little, Sister Roberta S. Barnes, and Sister Margaret E. Anderson, who is the first Grand Worthy Matron in this jurisdiction to serve two years; seven (7) Grand Worthy Patrons – Brother Joseph Minor, Brother Dennis Wilson, Brother William Parker, Brother Prentice Little, Brother Wilbur Peters, Brother Jesse Stewart, Jr. and Brother Walter English, Jr.; three (3) Grand Secretaries, GS Carolyn D. Joyner thought it not robbery to return to the Grand Chapter as Grand Secretary (2010-to 2018) Five (5) Grand Trustees, six (6) Grand Lecturers and seven (7) Assistant Grand Lecturers, three (3) OES Grand Lecturers Grand Secretary GS Carolyn D. Joyner, PP Bobby Harris and PM Brenda S. Young.

One of the organization’s greatest challenges is the aging of its members and the retention of its younger members.  As such, to continue our legacy, we are proud that we have members who consider it not robbery to return to the position of Worthy Matron to serve our chapter again.  As such in 2003, 20 years after serving as Worthy Matron in 1983, Carolyn D. Joyner (GS) returned to serve the East.  In 2011,2012 and 2013, we experienced for the first time a Worthy Matron, Shari L. McCoy, being elected to serve as Worthy Matron consecutively and most recently, WM Tonya A. Fadis was elected to serve two consecutive years, 2015 and 2017.  Could this be the beginning of something new, only God knows, but we still give honor to Him to allowing our sisters to be so faithful and we owe them much gratitude!

As of 2018, Electa Chapter #6 has been blessed with 112 Worthy Matrons and 30 Worthy Patrons. Its history is vested in the sands of time. The dedication of its membership to the principles of this fine Order serves as an inspiration to all; this is our heritage.