Danielle K. Anderson
Worthy Matron

Larry S. Hughes, PP
Worthy Patron

Fidelity Chapter No. 10


Meeting: 3rd Friday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron DeBorah Smith-Hill, PM

Conductress Janice Smith Corbett, PM

Associate Patron Edmund Lee

Associate Conductress Beverly Medlock, PAGL

Fidelity Chapter No. 10
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

In February 1927, several ladies and gentlemen met for the purpose of organizing a club. This club later developed into Fidelity Chapter No. 10.

On March 12, 1928, Fidelity Chapter No. 10, Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation received its Charter by the authority of the now Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation, Jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. “The Place Where Prince Hall Eastern Stardom All Began”.

Sister Bertha Walls Pleasant was the first Worthy Matron and Brother Richard K. Jenifer was the first Worthy Patron. Under the administration of these two capable individuals, twenty-nine (29) female relatives of Master Masons received the Eastern Star, Queen of the South, and Amaranth Degrees.

Fidelity Chapter No. 10 has been honored through the accomplishments of:

 Three Most Worshipful Grand Masters – Joseph D. Daniels 1991-1992, Willie H. Griffin 1999-2000, and David A McWilliams Sr. 2009-2010

 Four Grand Worthy Matrons – Iona Z. Monroe Ford 1947, Beulah H. Brunson 1966, Etta H. Wooten 1980, and Lessie B. Veal 1991

 Four Grand Worthy Patrons – Rudolph Stewart 1946, Samuel Ray 1950, Edward Young 1961, and Virgil C. Flack 1999

 One Associate Grand Patron – Howard Bethea 2009 – 2010

 Four Grand Lectures – Julia B. Robinson, Blanche Newton, Alene Goldstein, and Kay Martin

 Four Assistant Grand Lecturers– Beulah B. Young, Veronica Baskin, Myrtle Wilburn, and Beverly Medlock

 Three OES Lecturers – Evelyn Williams, Janice Smith-Corbett, and Juanita Rollins

 One Grand Financial Secretary – Mary E. McWilliams

Under the leadership of 84 Worthy Matrons and 23 Worthy Patrons Fidelity has labored tirelessly in upholding the principles of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Fidelity Chapter No. 10 continues to enjoy the ties of friendship with our Sister Chapters, Fidelity Chapter No. 60, Jurisdiction of Maryland and Martha Chapter No. 11, OES-PHA, Jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. The Chapter also enjoys the fraternal ties with four brother lodges: Fidelity Lodge No. 20, Prudence Lodge No. 27, Eureka Lodge No. 5, and Warren Lodge No. 8.

As Fidelity Chapter No. 10 continues to be a beacon of light in the Jurisdiction, we will always put “God First,” seeking his guidance to keep us strong and on a steady course. The Chapter also strives to emulate the five heroines of the Order and continually pursue fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith, and love bound together with patience, hope, and charity.