Gladys V. Peters, PGFS
Worthy Matron

William E. McNeil, Sr., PGWP
Worthy Patron

Gethsemane Chapter No. 3


Meeting: 3rd Wednesday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron J. Alexis Floyd, PAGL

Conductress Jenetta Hines

Associate Patron Anthony Burks, PP

Associate Conductress Diane L. Hearn, PGWM

Gethsemane Chapter No. 3
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

On January 22,1885, a number of Master Masons with their wives, mothers and sisters met at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Warren; 1017 3rd Street, N. W., Washington, D. C., and organized the “Gethsemane Club”, which had for its ultimate purpose the formation of an Eastern Star Chapter. The “Club” worked arduously for five (5) years to achieve its goal, sponsoring fund-raising activities to secure the necessary working capital to exist.

On October 20, 1890, the outgrowth of the club was organized as Gethsemane Chapter #3, Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliated. The Eastern Star Degree was conferred by Sir Knight Thornton A. Jackson, Deputy Grand Master. The first officers of the chapter were Sally Davies, Royal Matron; John Hickman, Royal Patron; Katie Moore Adams, Associate Matron; Annie Warren, Treasurer; Mamie Hill, Secretary; Mary G. Coleman, Conductress; Annie Brown, Associate Conductress; Fannie Hickman, Warder; Julius Warren, Sentinel; Bertha Nichols, Adah; Addie Moore Brooks, Ruth; Alice Delaney, Esther; Cecelia Andrews, Martha; and Sydna Taylor, Electa.

The Chapter’s first Worthy Matron, Honorable Lady Sallie Davies, died April 1891, and a second election was held the following month. The officers elected were: Honorable Lady Katie Moore Adams, Royal Matron; Sir Knight William Bruce, Royal Patron; Honorable Lady Sarah Landrick, Conductress. At this meeting the Queen of the South Degree was conferred by Sir Knight Thornton A. Jackson.

On June 1, 1891, a Dispensation of Adoption and a charter was presented on behalf of Meridian Lodge #6, F&AM, PHA. There were 49 chartered members who formed the backbone of Gethsemane Chapter and whom we owe so much for their untiring efforts in building a solid foundation. They have since been called to a better home, but they have not been forgotten.

On May 24, 1892, a Grand Chapter was formed by the Jurisdiction of the District of Columbia and Maryland. The chapters represented were Queen Esther Chapter #7, Queen of Sheba Chapter #2, and Gethsemane Chapter #3 — all of the District of Columbia. Later, Electa Chapter became #2 and Gethsemane became #4 until 1921 when our District of Columbia Grand Chapter again renumbered the chapters of this jurisdiction and we again became Gethsemane Chapter #3. Sir Knight Thornton A. Jackson conferred the first Amaranth Degree on June 27, 1892. The growth has been numerically steady through the years. The first collection of dues and admission fee was $3.50.

In 1990, we were blessed to have celebrated our 100th year of existence. Our Centennial Officers were: Virginia M. Harrison, Worthy Matron; George Afford, Jr., Worthy Patron; Mabel N. Washington, Associate Matron; Arthur G. Jones, Associate Patron; Ruth P. Williams, Treasurer; Sandra R. Alford, Secretary; Helen S. Booker, Conductress; Creola M. Norton, Associate Conductress; Clara H. Bond, Chairman of Trustees; Mary Lilly, Trustee; Mary Hobson, Trustee; Mary L. Austin, Chaplain; Virginia P. Moye, Assistant Secretary; Novel K. Hawkins, Assistant Secretary; Sophia J. Brown, Marshal; Susie T. Edward, Musician; Evelyn McNair, Assistant Musician; Carolyn B. Hawkins, Assistant Musician; Diane L. Hearn, Christian Flag Bearer; Geraldine Dickens, US Flag Bearer; Josephine Poole, OES Flag Bearer; Rachel McKoy, Warder; Olive M. Jones, Sentinel; Frank Poole, Assistant Sentinel; Beverly A. Crawford, Adah; Eula M. Jackson, Ruth; Nancy B.H. Overby, Esther; Alzada G. Rich, Martha; and Deloise Jones,

Electa. Our chapter nurses were Daisy Allen and Mary Lilly.

At present, we are blessed to have living Past Grand Worthy Matron Diane L. Hearn; Past Grand Worthy Patrons Carl Younger and William E. McNeil, Sr.; Past Grand Lecturers Sandra R. Alford and Eula M. Jackson, and Past Assistant Grand Lecturers Eliza C. Johnson and Alexis F. Roach.

We are very grateful to Almighty God for His tender mercies, and we continually commit our lives to Him for guidance.

Past Matrons and Past Patrons

1890 Sallie M. Davies* John Kickman*

1891 Katie Moore Adams* William Bruce*

1892 Sara Landrick* Thornton A. Jackson*

1893 Sydna Taylor* Thornton A. Jackson*

1894 Elizabeth Marshall* Thornton A. Jackson*

1895 Mamie Hill Robinson* Thornton A. Jackson*

1896 Laura Contee* Thornton A. Jackson*

1897 Alice Wilkinson* Thornton A. Jackson*

1898 Emma Evans* Frank E. Hearns*

1899 Julia M. Taylor* Frank E. Hearns*

1900 Annie M. Bell* Frank E. Hearns*

1901 Jennie Stewart* William Monroe*

1902 Hannah Stevenson* William Monroe*

1903 Victoria Thompson* William Monroe*

1904 Julia A.F. Taylor* William Thomas*

1905 Bertha H. Gray* Clarence Gray*

1906 Alberta Moore Bush* Clarence Gray*

1907 Rebecca Gray* W.H. Jernagin*

1908 Clara S. Brook* W.H. Jernagin*

1909 Nettle Powell* William A. Wells*

1910 Mary Taylor* William A. Wells*

1911 Annie Gray* William A. Wells*

1912 Alice Taylor* West A. Hamilton*

1913 Emma Thomas* West A. Hamilton*

1914 Nettle Edwards* West A. Hamilton*

1915 Josephine Greenlease* William P. Thomas*

1916 Rosa Thomas* William P. Thomas*

1917 Susie P. Quander* William P. Thomas*

1918 Genevieve Lawson* William P. Thomas*

1919 Grace Hughes* Alexander Howard*

1920 Grace Howard* Alexander Howard*

1921 Sadie Henson* George L. Sydor*

1922 Ida Price* George L. Sydor*

1923 Annie Clark Williams* George L. Sydor*

1924 Ann German* Benjamin Arrington*

1925 Gertrude Smith* Benjamin Arrington*

1926-1928 Lena Smith* Addison W. Chapman*

1929 Mary Brooks* Addison W. Chapman*

1930 Clarissa Chapman* Addison W. Chapman**

1931 Frances* Colbert* Peter C. Glaco

1932 Martha Wilkins* Peter C. Glaco*

1933 Sadie Dean* Peter C. Glaco*

1934-1935 Minnie Smith* Peter C. Glaco*

1936 Bell Spraque* Peter C. Glaco*

1937 Estelle Hawkins* Peter C. Glaco*

1938 Margaret M.W. Arter* Peter C. Glaco*

1939 Leona Taliafero Turner* John Sewell*

1940 Katie Todd* John Sewell*

1941 Bertha P. Sheppard* John Sewell*

1942 Ethel Williams* John Sewell*

1943 Catherine Brown* John Sewell*

1944 Ida Tignor* John Sewell*

1945 Carrie B. Jackson* John Sewell*

1946 Bettye Edmonds* John Sewell*

1947 Emma Crockett* John Sewell*

1948 Vera Shorts Hawkins* Sylvester Mason*

1949 Cleo M.J. Key* Sylvester Mason*

1950 Lillian Brown Robinson* Sylvester Mason*

1951 Ruth Highley* Sylvester Mason*

1952 Aquilla M. Yancy* Sylvester Mason*

1953 Sadie Pye* Hugh Russell*

1954 Irene Fairfax-Terry* Hugh Russell*

1955 Grace Burgee* Hugh Russell*

1956 Ernestine Davis* Hugh Russell*

1957 Edna Veasey* Hugh Russell*

1958 Dorothy Frazier* Hugh Russell*

1959 Henrietta Greene* Hugh Russell*

1960 Lena Brown* Hugh Russell*

1961 Julia Brockman* Bert Joyner*

1962 Catherine A. Kirksey* Carl F. Younger

1963 Nova V. Bell* Carl F. Younger

1964 Novella W. Martin* Carl F. Younger

1965 Mary Earp* Carl F. Younger

1966 Fannie R. Gibson Carl F. Younger

1967 Theopera E. Vines Carl F. Younger

1968 Evangeline Hill Carl F. Younger

1969 Aileen M. Redmon* Carl F. Younger

1970 Ruth P. Williams* William E. William*

1971 Clarice Younger* Lawrence Norwood*

1972 Eugenia C. Stubblefield* Lawrence Norwood*

1973 Roberta Hamer* Carl F. Younger

1974 Rosa Johnson* Lawrence Norwood*

1975 Lee Ann Chappelle* Allen L. Green

1976 Ruby S. Green Allen L. Green

1977 Thelma J. Tyler* Lloyd L. Mason

1978 Cassie W. Holland* Aaron C. Moye*

1979 Catherine Vines* Aaron C. Moye*

1980 Mary Austin* Aaron C. Moye*

1981 Marie T. Singleton* Aaron C. Moye*

1982 Josephine Cauthen Aaron C. Moye*

1983 Sandra R. Alford Aaron C. Moye*

1984 Frances Cade Aaron C. Moye*

1985 Virginia P. Moye* Aaron C. Moye*

1986 Mildred M. Phillips* George Alford, Jr.

1987 Eliza C. Johnson George Alford, Jr.

1988 Sophia J. Brown* George Alford, Jr.

1989 Joan F. Alston* George Alford, Jr.

1990 Virginia Harrison* George Alford, Jr.

1991 Mabel N. Washington* Arthur G. Jones

1992 Helen S. Booker Arthur G. Jones

1993 Creola M.G. Norton Arthur G. Jones

1994 Deloise A. Jones Arthur G. Jones

1995 Alzada G. Rich George Alford, Jr.

1996 Nancy B.H. Overby Bert A.G. Overby*

1997 Eula M. Jackson Bert A.G. Overby*

1998 Diane L. Hearn Anthony K. Wells, Sr.

1999 Nellie W. Sanders* Anthony K. Wells, Sr.

2000 Julia E. Hughes George Alford, Jr.

2001 Faunette S. Willis George Alford, Jr.

2002 J. Alexis Floyd-Roach William E. McNeil, Sr.

2003 Catherine R. Phifer Anthony K. Wells, Sr.

2004 Minerva F. Sanders William E. McNeil, Sr.

2005 Marsha A. Dubose* Anthony K. Wells, Sr.

2006 Gladys V. Peters Anthony K. Wells, Sr.

2007 Mattie J. Ming Grailing J. Carter

2008 Juana D. Wells Anthony K. Wells, Sr.

2009 Yvonne R. Smith Gene O. Mays

2010 Yvonne R. Smith William E. McNeil, Sr.

2011 Nannita M. Wells Gene O. Mays

2012 Anilia Arneus H. Curtis Byfield