Barbara E. Murray, PGWM
Worthy Matron

J. Raymond Murray, MWPGM
Worthy Patron

Naomi Chapter No. 9


Meeting: 1st Friday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron Diane A. Grant

Conductress Rev. Rosemarie Jones

Associate Patron – Vacant

Associate Conductress Rosalind C. Frink

Naomi Chapter No. 9
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

Naomi Chapter No. 9, OES, PHA was started as a club. The first meeting was held at the residence of Sister Mary Barton, 1504 Kingsman Place, NW. Brother James M.H. Young, Doric Lodge # 19 explained that the purpose of the meeting was to organize a new Eastern Star Chapter. Also present were Sisters Beatrice B. Bland, Costenia B. Weyms, Hattie P. Dillard, Susie B.G. Green, Olivia B.J. Street and Brothers John R. Dillard and Thomas G. Ghee.

At the second meeting on March 26, 1919, the club was named “Naomi,” and the following were elected as officers: James M.H. Young, President; Hattie P. Dillard, Treasurer; and Olivia B.J. Street, Secretary. Meetings were held regularly from then on, rotating to the homes of Sisters Barton, Dillard, Jennie Fisher and Fannie Moore. New members were added until the club

numbered 43. Forty-one members received all three degrees with Brother James M.H. Young officiating. He was then a member of Datcher Chapter No. 7 but later demitted to Naomi Chapter. Sister Olivia B.J. Street demitted from Star of Love Chapter No. 190, Enfield, North Carolina.

These members petitioned the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter for a Charter and it was granted. The last club meeting and investigation by the Grand Chapter was held at the home of Brother Thomas G. Ghee and Sister Fannie Edwards, 1322 You Street, NW. All persons who attended the first club meeting became members of Naomi Chapter except the late Brother John Dillard. Grand Chapter officers and members, amidst a host of friends, were present on July 7, 1919 at 7:30 PM, 5th & Virginia Avenue, SE when the following received their degrees:

Frederick W.                   Mamie Hebron                Minnie Alston

Maud H. Jackson           Elizabeth D. Baker         Anna James

Mary Barton                   Sarah Jenifer                  Jonnie Bell

Lavinia R. King               Beatrice B. Bland           Mary Latney

Carrie B. Brooks             Fannie H. Moore             Ignatius Burke

Sarah L. Murdock          Mary Burke                    Fannie Pierce

Maud Carter                   Isabelle Priestley             Adella Crawford

LeGrand Rand                Gertrude Davis               Oscar L. Rand

Grace Densmore             Lucy C. Robinson                    Victoria Dickerson

Oscar Ryce                    Hattie P. Dillard              Mary H. Shorter

Maude Dixon                  George W. Snow             Herman Dyer

Olivia B.J. Street           Fannie Edwards             Cora Talbert

Thomas Edwards           Florence Thompson        Jennie Fisher

Costenia B. Weyms        Thomas P. Ghee             James M.H. Young

Susie B.G. Green

A dispensation was granted by Charles P. Ford, Grand Royal Patron and Mary E. Taylor, Grand Royal Matron. Eva Lucas Brown, Past Grand Matron and Grand Treasurer Emeritus was appointed Chairman of the Investigating Committee and met regularly with Naomi Chapter for 18 months. The Grand Chapter appointed the following officers, who were re-elected and served through 1919 and 1920.

Beatrice B. Bland – ROYAL MATRON

James M. H. Young – ROYAL PATRON



Ignatius Burke – SENTINEL

Olivia B.J. Street – SECRETARY

Hattie Dillard – TREASURER

Florence C.S. Thompson – WARDER

Costenia B. Weyms – TRUTH

Mary Herrim – FAITH

Mayme D. Hebron – WISDOM

Fannie H. Moore – CHARITY

Elizabeth D. Baker – HERALD

Naomi was constituted and dedicated January 20, 1020 by Ida M. Young, Grand Royal Matron and Henri Gordon, Grand Royal Patron. Our charter was received on May 27, 1920.

In looking back through our history, we find the establishment of several Chapter awards:

C.V. McCaskill Outstanding Service Award:

1967, PGWM Anelda J. Wilson

For a deserving floor member, who is not an elected or appointed officer, who has rendered the most outstanding service to the Worthy Matron and/or Chapter during the year.

Extra Mile Award:

1986, PM Jean S. Melvin

For the line officer whose contributions have been above and beyond the call of duty to the Worthy Matron and/or Chapter (can be shared by one other officer).

PGWM Alice E. Harrison Scholarship:

1988, PM Ada A. Whitley

For a deserving graduating high school student.

The Naomi:

1989, PM Barbara T. Jones

For the Past Matron who has made the greatest

contribution of service to the Chapter during the year.

PM Dorothy L. Young Award:

2000, PP John T. Doles, Sr.

For the outstanding office in ritualistic work. It is awarded annually to the officer scoring the highest points in all three degrees. A plague is given to the officer.

Worthy Matron’s Special Appreciation Award:

2001, PM Rosie Baucom Powell

For the person the Worthy Matron feels exemplified

dedicated service to Naomi Chapter No. 9.

The late PM Lucy C. Fergurson worked diligently keeping current an embroidered tablecloth with the names of all Naomi Chapter’s Past Matrons and Past Patrons and the year they served. This effort was re-initiated by PAGL Audrey W. Robinson. PM Frances B. Watson and PM Ada A. Whitley utilized their talents in the design and creation of regalia worn in the Queen of the South degree.

PGWM Alice E. Harrison served as Chapter Musician from 1921 until 1987.

Under the leadership of Audrey Robinson Underwood, Grand Worthy Matron of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter in 1995, the first Military Chapter of this Jurisdiction was chartered and four hundred and seventy-two candidates, under the Window of Opportunity were advanced to the Amaranth degree. Also during 1995, Grand Lecturer Jean S. Melvin conducted twenty Special Schools for the exemplification of a total of sixty-two degrees.

During the 2005 and 2006 Administration, under the leadership of Ada A. Whitley, Grand Worthy Matron of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter another Window of Opportunity was opened.

Under the direction of Grand Lecturer Barbara E. Murray, 106 candidates were advanced to the Amaranth Degree during four Special Schools of Instruction. GWM Whitley implemented four mandatory Intake Orientation Sessions to provide information and answer questions from new candidates and members about the Order of the Eastern Star.



1932 – 2013

Naomi Chapter has had seven Past Matrons and seven Past Patrons to serve as Grand Worthy Matron and Grand Worthy Patron, one Grand Treasurer, one Grand Trustee, six Grand Lecturers, and seven Assistant Grand Lecturer of the Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter. Additionally, we have had three of our brothers to serve as Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.

On Friday, December 14, 2012, PGWP John T. Doles, Sr., was elected Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge. On the same date PGL Barbara E. Murray was elected Grand Worthy Matron, PM Gloria E. Brown, Grand Treasurer, and PAGL Nancy D. Carter, Grand Trustee.