Demetrice N. Parker-Phillip, PM
Worthy Matron

Terry L. Satterfield
Worthy Patron

Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 2


Meeting: 3rd Monday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron Lucrecia R. Parker-Grooms, PM

Conductress Regina Byrd

Associate Patron Arthur King, PP

Associate Conductress Crystal Montague

Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 2
Order of Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)


In 1889, Worshipful Master Peter Robinson of Warren Lodge No. 8 was petitioned by the membership of the lodge to be allowed to organize the Warren Lodge Club. An invitation was extended to the brothers and their wives to meet at 1155 – 17th Street, NW. On May 24, 1890, a charter was presented, signed by the officers of Warren Lodge No. 8. After being organized the required length of time, the club was given a dispensation to confer degrees as Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 3. The name then changed to Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 2. The first Worthy Matron was Sister Sarah Robinson and Brother Peter Robinson was the first Worthy Patron. Queen of Sheba Chapter has acquired two additional brother lodges over the years; Ionic Lodge No. 17 and Thomas L. Johnson Lodge No. 28.

We are proud of our heritage. Our predecessors worked zealously to leave us the wonderful legacy of truth, faith, wisdom, and charity. We reflect upon the noble deeds of our Past Grand Officers, our Past Matrons and Patrons, also of all our officers and members, both living and deceased, who truly constitute the bridge across which we have come at this time.

Since 1890, death has claimed many of our leaders, but not our leadership. Many officers and members have been taken from this scene of action to that Great Chapter in the sky. Perhaps what they said here has been forgotten. We can never forget what they did here.

Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 2 has kept the legacy of our founding Past Matrons and Past Patrons by engaging its members-in the teachings of morals, both private and public, and always reminding us of our duties to our God, our country and our fellowman.

To our most distinguished Past Grand Officers – the late PGWM Julia A. Pugsley, PGWM Sara Alexander, PGWM Marie L. Johnson, PGWM Lula U. Lewis, PGWM Elizabeth C. Dickerson, PGWM Nettie L. Moxley, PAGL Marie T. Briggs, PGWM Viola V. Hampton, PGL Cornell E. Jackson, PGL Nellie C. S. Robinson, PAGL Myrine Wilson, PGWP Henry C. Harris, PGWP William A. Baltimore, PGWP Charles P. Ford, PGWP Raymond J. Weir and PGWP Peter Phillips who joined Queen of Sheba Chapter No .2 in 1935, served as Worthy Patron 1936-1940 and became Grand Worthy Patron in 1942, PGWP Hiram Lorick, PGWP John T. Lewis and the Illustrious PGWP Henry Pratt, Jr. who served Queen of Sheba Chapter for ten years as Worthy Patron before becoming Grand Worthy Patron.

Those who remain with us are PGWM Florenda B. Hill, PGWM Joan L. White, PGWP James Nicholson, Jr., PGL Brenda R. Swanson, and PAGL Alma D. Jones. We also have two Past Matrons who have served four years each as OES Grand Lecturers, PM Vicki L. W. Anderson and PM Lynette R .F. Smith. PM Smith was appointed Assistant Grand Lecturer, effective 2013. We sincerely thank you for being the beacon lights of this great Chapter guiding us with wisdom, integrity and love for 123 years.

To our beloved Past Matrons and Patrons who continue to work with us, we extend our appreciation and gratitude for your service, support and encouragement.

Finally, to our members, and especially our new members, we have a rich heritage. It is for you to sow wisely, reap well and assume your role in the history making of our Chapter. Our hopes and dreams for Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 2 are for a bigger, better and brighter future. It is up to us to keep the legacy of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity that was given to us by our predecessors in 1890.