Stephanie Elise Thorne, PAGL
Worthy Matron

Leslie D. Thornton, PP
Worthy Patron

Thrift Chapter No. 12


Meeting: 1st Tuesday

Main Activity:

Elected Chapter Officers

Associate Matron Wanita M. Smith, PM

Conductress E. Milla Jordan, PGTru

Associate Patron Albert Pope, PGWP

Associate Conductress – Vacant

Thrift Chapter No. 12
Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliation
(Historical Excerpts)

 Thrift Chapter #12 Order of the Eastern Star-PHA Jurisdiction of the Thrift Chapter #12 originated in Queen Esther Chapter #1 OES in Washington DC. Past Royal Matron Minnie B. Smoot was a Past Royal Matron of Queen Esther Chapter #1 and Grand Royal Matron of the Grand Chapter OES in 1926. Her interest in young people and devotion to the Order prompted her to assemble a group of young ladies who were eligible to join the Eastern Star. Those selected were at least 18 years old, held proper Masonic Relationship, boasted an exceptional educational background, and maintained an exemplary name in the community. The Masonic relationship mostly came from the Master Masons of Anacostia Lodge, so named because so many members lived in Anacostia, DC.

The Peace Club:

The young people that Past Grand Matron Minnie B. Smoot assembled formed a club, which they named Peace. The Peace Club became very popular and was filled with many talented members who presented recitals and programs. The club held regular monthly meetings with dues of $.25 per month. A bank account was opened at the Anacostia National Bank with funds raised from the monthly dues, donations, and Club activites. This club was the birth of Thrift Chapter #12 O.E.S- PHA, and was chartered on February 5, 1929.

Brother Lodges and Twin Chapter

Thrift Chapter #12 is proud to support four brother lodges in the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. They are listed below in order of adoption:

  • Harmony Lodge #22

  • Ionic Lodge #17

  • Thomas L. Johnson Lodge #28

  • Warren Lodge #8

Thrift Chapter also shares its history with a twin chapter in the District of Columbia: Redemption Chapter #14. Both Thrift and Redemption’s charter members received their final degree of initiation on June 5, 1928 at the historic Lincoln Theater Building on U Street NW. On that day, both Thrift #12 and Redemption #14 became chapters under dispensation. On February 5, 1929, both Thrift Chapter #12 and Redemption Chapter #14 received their official charters to become Prince Hall Eastern Star chapters in the District of Columbia.