Brenda E. Makins, PM (1)
Grand Lecturer

Mission Statement:

To empower and strengthen the members of this jurisdiction with sound ritualistic skills to ensure ritualistic excellence.

School of Instruction:

December 20, 2016: 1st SOI
January 31, 2017: 2nd SOI
February 27, 2017: 3rd SOI
March 27, 2017: 4th SOI
June 24, 2017: OES Workshop

OES Grand Lecturer:

Brenda S. Young, PM (6)
Ardelle D. Butler, PM (9)
Shelby L. Hill, PM (10)
Juanita Griffin Zani, PM (16)
Reginald G. Mitchell, PP (16)

Brenda A. Thomas, PM (11)
Assistant Grand Lecturer